Marketing & Product

Some things sell themselves. Others require a creative campaign that draws attention to your product or service. This might mean a comedic script or a deep dive into the benefits of what you’re promoting.

Lenovo in Schools

Lenovo wanted to do a case study on how their products were being implemented by high school students and teachers. St Mary's College in Adelaide was chosen because an array of Lenovo products were being used across the board. We wanted to show students using desktop machines in class and highlight the durable laptops they carry to and from school, and from class to class. The teachers used the more portable Yoga product and we wanted to demonstrate their additional mobility around the classroom. Connectivity to each student's interface was also an important aspect of St Mary's choosing Lenovo, so filming a few live classes would allow us to document this properly.

Drone Music Video for Cousin Betty

Golden Robot Records
After first hearing Drone, our writer/director Ashleigh Hanley knew the lyrics should tell one narrative and the video another. Given Ash’s background in film and scriptwriting, (Pig Boy, 2017 and Second Hand, 2014), he was never going to shoot the band standing around playing instruments. A storyteller at heart, Ash wanted to portray modern-day love tale through a social-media lens. What if we could apply filters in real life? Could we still find true love behind the fakery?

Products in Houses

Polytec and Borg Decorative wanted a video to showcase their vast array of house-based products. The best way to have easy access to their range was to film at a display home village where we had four very different interior design options. We would be able to move from house to house, shooting many different products over the full-day shoot. Our challenge was to add movement to the normally static products Polytec make. We also wanted to capture the scale and add dynamism that photographs are unable to deliver. We decided a combination of a mini-jib, motorised slider and a tripod would allow the best coverage for the edit and also create a sense of movement.

Lenovo Activity Based Workplaces

Lenovo wanted to showcase a few companies who were using their products and had adopted (or were about to implement) the Activity Based Workplace model. This was a two-day shoot around various offices in Sydney where we would speak to decision-makers and employees to get testimonial videos and B-roll footage to accompany their insights about ABW and Lenovo. The companies involved were Canon Australia, Microsoft, GE, Woods Bagot and Lenovo – all the big names.