Products in Houses

Polytec and Borg Decorative wanted a video to showcase their vast array of house-based products. The best way to have easy access to their range was to film at a display home village where we had four very different interior design options. We would be able to move from house to house, shooting many different products over the full-day shoot. Our challenge was to add movement to the normally static products Polytec make. We also wanted to capture the scale and add dynamism that photographs are unable to deliver. We decided a combination of a mini-jib, motorised slider and a tripod would allow the best coverage for the edit and also create a sense of movement.

Jib does the Job

We shot four display homes over a day at the Kellyville Homeworld display villages. Each house was shot consecutively with one piece of equipment used at a time. First we entered each house with a mini-jib for sweeping tilt and pan shots. This allowed us to show scale and create an engaging shot for our audience. The slider was then brought into the house, allowing us to show off the detail of the Polytec products and add some movement to a normally very static product. The tripod was primarily used as a safety shot but, as suspected, looked very similar to the photos unless we tilted and panned with it to create movement.

“Audience Productions and Polytec have been working together on video projects for over 10 years. The Audience team constantly deliver high quality professional productions with quick turn around and individual style. Forever searching to work the perfect angle, Audience Productions attain a superior result undertaking the obligation to deliver excellence.”
Paul Shaddock
Creative Services Manager