Event Coverage

Audience Productions started out in event coverage, so it’s in our DNA: capturing live performances, being a fly on the wall at conferences and ensuring your big day lasts longer than 24 hours.
Polytec AWISA Exhibition and Event 2018

Polytec Event Coverage 2018

For the past 10 years, we have shot the biennial AWISA event for Polytec. This is primarily a one-camera-operator shoot, using a stabilised camera for roving shots and tripod shots to capture products being showcased. The idea is to capture the energy of the event and customer/client interactions with Polytec products. Once the AWISA Exhibition wraps, Audience Productions also covers the Polytec afterparty, where employees and customers enjoy drinks and live music at a nearby venue. Both the event and afterparty are edited together into a highlights package for distribution to the clients who couldn’t make it, as well as those who were present.

“Audience Productions and Polytec have been working together on video projects for over 10 years. The Audience team constantly deliver high-quality professional productions with quick turnaround and individual style. Forever searching to work the perfect angle, Audience Productions attain a superior result undertaking the obligation to deliver excellence.”
Paul Shaddock
Creative Services Manager