Bondi 2 Manly Marathon

The Bondi 2 Manly marathon was a true spectacle of human endurance and determination, our job was to capture every moment of the inaugural race. With state-of-the-art drone and on-ground cameras, the event was covered from every angle, ensuring that no breathtaking moment was missed.
Views of The Race
Event Coverage

Marathon Shoot and Edit

As the runners set off from the iconic Bondi Beach, the excitement was palpable in the air. The drone footage captured the sheer scale of the event as the sea of runners made their way along the winding roads towards Manly. On the ground, the camera crew captured the grit and determination etched on the faces of the runners as they tackled the gruelling 80-kilometre race.

As the hours ticked by, the lead runners emerged, setting a blistering pace that left spectators breathless. The drone camera captured their smooth, fluid movements as they powered through the course, while the ground crew followed closely, documenting every step of their journey.

The final stretch towards Manly was particularly exhilarating, as the lead runners battled it out for the top spot. The drone footage captured the thrilling finish, as the winner crossed the line in a burst of energy, his arms raised triumphantly in the air.

With stunning footage captured from every angle, Johnson & Johnson had truly captured the spirit of the Bondi 2 Manly marathon, leaving viewers in awe of the incredible feat of human endurance.