How-Tos & Explainers

You're the instructors and we're the students, learning on the job so we can pass on your teachings with step-by-step guides for end-users, instructional videos for in-house processes or anything else that benefits from a “how-to” guide.

Shoot Quickly Before The Glue Dries

We shot this over a very full day at the ARDEX Warehouse. Using two DSLR cameras and a pocket jib, we were able to get height and movement to capture the tiling job as it happened. Dealing with live products such as tile adhesives, which can dry out and become unusable, we had to make sure we didn’t miss a beat. The SALS – Simple Accurate Levelling System ensures a perfect tile installation every time, eliminating lippage and surface scratching. There were no smoke and mirrors with our shoot – there actually was no lippage nor tile surface scratches – which made shooting the installation much easier.

“For nearly 10 years we have utilised the talents of Audience Productions to deliver high amounts of information, often of a technical nature, to a varied audience through various styles, corporate videos, animation, promotional videos for social media and technical how-to videos. The Audience Productions team have worked with our marketing team from concept through to customer delivery and ensured that understanding the products and key messages were achieved, often beyond our expectations and imagination.”
Raewyn Hughes
Marketing Manager - Product & Customer
ARDEX Australia Pty Limited

Our Most Recent How-Tos & Explainers Work

Analogue vs Digital Explainer Coding Series

NSW Department of Education
We were asked to turn the live performance of this STEM Coding series into a video series "Crack The Code" that teachers and students could use as a resource to refer to if they got stuck or needed a refresher. Diagrams sketched up on the whiteboard during the live sessions would be used to help the coding gurus explain their ideas more simply. For the coding video series, we had to come up with explainer animations to help convey the ideas and concepts that would normally appear on the whiteboard.

How To Pack Up Your Office For Moving

Movin' Office
Movin' Office required a video to help train their clients on how to properly prepare their workstations and offices when moving so nothing gets left behind. We created a shot list of all the steps in the process so we were able to shoot quickly and efficiently. To cut down on costs, we used the Movin' Office building for the shoot and one of their employees to carry out the action. This ensured plenty of client feedback and company branding to help convey this how-to video, as well as showcasing their specialised office moving equipment.