Exec & Org Profiles

Whether sharing the story of your organisation or featuring the people who make your business a success, these profiles are about capturing the professional foundation of what you do. Every industry is different, and getting the look, feel and “essence” right is really important.
Polytec Business Profile

Polytec Organisation Profile

An existing client of Audience Productions, Polytec, approached us with the need for a corporate company profile video that covered their whole operation, from their pine-tree forest plantation to the kitchens and houses in which their products reside.

Shot over the course of seven years so far, this extensive company profile is ever-iterating, because there are always upgrades or new pieces of equipment to shoot and edit into the existing corporate video. Each time an old production line is replaced, or a completely new line is installed,  we shoot the new line to update the existing company profile video. This way we are able to ensure Polytec’s business, machinery and processes are as up to the minute  as possible.

This is a three-minute highlights package of the full 20-minute profile Audience Productions completed for Polytec. The longer edit was unveiled on a 9×4-metre LED screen at AWSIA 2016, which looked amazing. If only we could debut all our videos this way!

“Audience Productions and Polytec have been working together on video projects for over 10 years. The Audience team constantly deliver high quality professional productions with quick turn around and individual style. Forever searching to work the perfect angle Audience Productions attain a superior result undertaking the obligation to deliver excellence.”
Paul Shaddock
Creative Services Manager