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Whether sharing the story of your organisation or featuring the people who make your business a success, these profiles are about capturing the professional foundation of what you do. Every industry is different, and getting the look, feel and “essence” right is really important.
Polytec Careers & Culture

Polytec Needs You

The pandemic has meant a huge labour shortage in Borg and its various companies such as Polytec and Crossmuller. We chose to interview a few Borg employees to gain an authentic take on what it is like to work here to encourage others to join the team. We shot the interviews across 3 days at various Borg locations, Somersby and Oberon, and had a list of questions to encourage natural responses. We also spent a few days with the employees and followed them around shooting them at their daily jobs.

“Audience Productions and Polytec have been working together on video projects for over 10 years. The Audience team constantly deliver high quality professional productions with quick turn around and individual style. Forever searching to work the perfect angle Audience Productions attain a superior result undertaking the obligation to deliver excellence.”
Paul Shaddock
Creative Services Manager