Ardex Rewards Promotion

Ardex had a new promotion in the works, and they needed to convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. We suggested a quickdraw animation as opposed to a shoot, because it would come across as more fun and engaging in this format.

Quickdraw for Quick Message

This is a quick, fun and easy way to communicate messages that would ordinarily be quite dry. Shane Cubis of Kneejerk Bohemia wrote two scripts – one for stores and one for tradies – and our animation experts brought them to sketchy life. We had a lot of fun with this one.

“For nearly ten years we have utilised the talents of Audience Productions to deliver high amounts of information often of a technical nature to a varied audience through various styles, corporate videos, animation, promotional videos for social media and technical how-to videos. The Audience Productions team have worked with our marketing team from concept through to customer delivery and ensured that understanding the products and key message was achieved, often beyond our expectations and imagination.”
Raewyn Hughes
Marketing Manager - Product & Customer
Ardex Australia Pty Ltd