Walk-through Videos During the Coronavirus

David Kay First National were restricted from having large open house inspections due to the coronavirus outbreak. So rather than having potential renters and tenants walk-through their range of rental properties, we walked through for them to show off the properties just like they were there. Walk-through videos are normally an added extra but in these current times - they are a necessity.
Real Estate Walk-through Video

The idea was to get a nice smooth flowing walking movement through the whole house or apartment to give the feeling of a physical walk-through. Using a stabilised gimbal system allowed for a very smooth camera movement and very little setup time. We were able to shoot 10 different places in the one day which were then edited for the client the following day. They were able to have them added to their site 2 days after the shoot. Which meant landlords and tenants had very little waiting time to show and see David Kay First National rental properties.