Drone Music Video for Cousin Betty

After first hearing Drone, our writer/director Ashleigh Hanley knew the lyrics should tell one narrative and the video another. Given Ash’s background in film and scriptwriting, (Pig Boy, 2017 and Second Hand, 2014), he was never going to shoot the band standing around playing instruments. A storyteller at heart, Ash wanted to portray modern-day love tale through a social-media lens. What if we could apply filters in real life? Could we still find true love behind the fakery?
Drone Music Video for Cousin Betty
Golden Robot Records

Life’s Filters Fall Apart

Extensive research into Instagram and Snapchat followed, allowed us to construct a story based on trending filters. Next, we mapped out how to shoot the clip in a way that’d trap the characters inside their own social media accounts. This meant 27 wardrobe changes, 17 hairstyles, 10 make-up looks and 20 animated filters to design in post-production.

An ambitious project, it relied on Ash’s vivid imagination and organisational superpowers. The result is a world we haven’t seen in music videos before.