Wattyl 2022 Colour Forecast

The Wattyl 2022 Colour Forecast video shoot was a two-day extravaganza that took place in a warehouse in Gosford. The shoot was orchestrated by Audience Productions, a highly-skilled team of creatives, using the latest Canon C70 cinema camera, shot at 100 frames per second to capture every single detail in stunning 4K. The shoot began with the team of stylists and designers selecting a wide range of colours that were on-trend and would be perfect for 2022. Once the colours were chosen, the set was designed and meticulously arranged, with different areas for each colour trend. This allowed the team to showcase each colour in its unique setting.
Wattyl 2022 Colour Forecast Director's Cut
Marketing & Product

Beats and Breaks for Colour

Throughout the shoot, the team of expert photographers and cinematographers worked tirelessly to capture every shot in the perfect light, angle, and motion. We utilised the Canon C70 camera’s advanced features to capture the colours in the most vivid and breathtaking way possible.

The warehouse was transformed into a wonderland of colours, with each area boasting a different trend, from calming pastels to bold and vibrant hues. The team also experimented with various lighting techniques, creating shadows and reflections that enhanced the colours’ depth and texture.

In conclusion, the Wattyl 2022 Colour Forecast video shoot was a meticulous and creative process that showcased the team’s passion and expertise in design and cinematography. The result was a stunning, visually stunning video that showcased the future of home décor and design, inspiring viewers to transform their homes with the latest and most beautiful colours of 2022.