Lenovo in Schools

Lenovo wanted to do a case study on how their products were being implemented by high school students and teachers. St Mary's College in Adelaide was chosen because an array of Lenovo products were being used across the board. We wanted to show students using desktop machines in class and highlight the durable laptops they carry to and from school, and from class to class. The teachers used the more portable Yoga product and we wanted to demonstrate their additional mobility around the classroom. Connectivity to each student's interface was also an important aspect of St Mary's choosing Lenovo, so filming a few live classes would allow us to document this properly.
Case Study

The Whole School Used Lenovo

A two-day fly-on-the-wall shoot was required to document how the various Lenovo products had been implemented across the school. Candid interviews with seven teachers and four students were also important to ensure honest feedback on the products they were using. We shot on two 5DMk3s as they were a lot smaller and less imposing to the students, as well as using a Kessler Slider and a MOVI5 to provide the technology a more dynamic look. The finished product was shown to other schools looking for a system to meet their education requirements.

"I would like to thank Audience Productions and Ashleigh in capturing the essence of the teaching and learning at the College and our use of the Lenovo products. You have captured the heart of our school, it is amazing footage (have watched it 6 times already). I am truly moved by the way you showcase our students, staff, teaching and learning and our use of technology."
Giovanna Iannicelli
Technology Co-Ordinator
St Mary's College