Training & Induction

Hiring new staff? Want to train up the ones you already have? We guide you through the process of presenting vital information in a way that will help it sink in.

STEM Education Coding for Schools

NSW Department of Education
We were asked to turn the live performance of this STEM Coding series into a video series, "Crack The Code", that teachers and students could use as a resource, training video or if they got stuck or needed a refresher. Diagrams sketched on the whiteboard during the live sessions would be used to help the coding gurus explain their ideas more simply. For this video series, we had to come up with explainer animations to help convey the ideas and concepts that would normally appear on the whiteboard.


BHP Billiton
BHP approached us to create a safety induction video for their Sydney office. All visitors or contractors would be required to watch this video before being able to work in the BHP offices. Covered in the safety induction video were emergency safety procedures, office operations, security access to the building and other protocols for a safe workplace. A shot list was created from the BHP safety induction script and approved before the shoot day in order to get everything captured over the 2-day shoot.