Cattle Handling in Russia

Meat and Livestock Australia wanted to create a training and safety induction series for their cattle farm in Russia. The purpose was to help Russian workers understand the best livestock-handling techniques as well as familiarise themselves with the facility they would be working in.
Meat and Livestock Australia
Russia, Old Bonalbo NSW

No Russian the Livestock

This series was shot in Russia for Meat and Livestock Australia over two weeks. The purpose was to train Russians on how to handle cattle in their facility. Because we shot with five different cameras and a drone, there was more than 4TB of footage to edit.

The interview pieces with Boyd Holden were shot in Old Bonalbo, NSW, and the voice-over recorded while Boyd visited our office in Sydney.

Audience Productions can adapt to the situation and get the message across regardless of the subject matter. We worked together to produce world-class training videos, which have been acknowledged in Australia and worldwide. The Australian Veterinary Association, and the renowned Temple Grandin have held this work in the highest regard. Thank you Audience Productions for your dedication, professionalism and high standards which you conduct yourself. It's always a pleasure to work with you.
Boyd Holden
Livestock Handling and Animal Welfare Consultant
Holden Agricultural Management Systems Pty. Ltd.