STEM Education Coding for Schools

We were asked to turn the live performance of this STEM Coding series into a video series, "Crack The Code", that teachers and students could use as a resource, training video or if they got stuck or needed a refresher. Diagrams sketched on the whiteboard during the live sessions would be used to help the coding gurus explain their ideas more simply. For this video series, we had to come up with explainer animations to help convey the ideas and concepts that would normally appear on the whiteboard.
NSW Department of Education
Training & Induction

Cracking Coding

As we only had our talent/presenter for one day, we had to work efficiently. Being an educational video, it needed to be a clear, straightforward and engaging resource that teachers could watch more than once and understand each time. We decided it was best to employ three crew members to operate five cameras, each recording simultaneously. Having the studio meant we could shoot for as many hours as it took to capture everything. We started at 8am and finished after 6pm.