Phonak Hearing Aid Training

Shooting at the Phonak offices after hours, we were able to effectively tell the story of the Phonak Hearing Aid and how to assist users when first trying the product. Phonak wanted a training video to help teach their staff how to set up the Phonak Hearing Aid and also to help sell the benefits of the device.

Mobile Recording Studio

We shot this one on 5D MkII using various lenses. We did a wide shot take followed by a close-up angle take. We then shot some cutaway shots to allow us much more freedom in the editing suite. For on-camera talent, we called on the Phonak staff to play the various parts for this video. We also chose to shoot in the Phonak offices to help keep costs down. In order not to interrupt the daily office schedule we began shooting after office hours which meant we had free reign over the whole office, reception and cafe area. Phonak provided the voice-over script as well as the voice-over artist, a Phonak employee. Thinking on our feet we recorded the voice-over script that night in the best mobile recording studio we could find – the Audience Productions car.