Documentaries & Interviews

There’s nothing better than capturing the live moment to reveal a compelling story, but even reality-based content needs preparation. We have the equipment and experience to set a scene and have everything in place to get that once-in-a-lifetime shot.

Careers in Agriculture Documentary

NSW Department of Education
Our task was to create an Agriculture Careers video aimed at high school students to get them to consider the sector as a possible career pathway. Rather than focusing completely on traditional agricultural occupations, we were tasked with exploring non-traditional and upcoming careers that school leavers might not have considered "agricultural". To get the most from our esteemed subjects, we suggested using a journalist to conduct the video interviews. This allowed for a much better stream of authentic answers and information we might otherwise have missed learning.

Raising The Steaks – The Science of Cattle Breeding

NSW Department of Education
"Raising The Steaks – The Science of Cattle Breeding" was the brainchild of Sally Bannerman from NSW Department of Education. While having dinner after our wheat breeding location scout, Sally asked me how many calves I thought a cow could have in a lifetime. I think I said four. Sally informed me she knew of a cow they called W449 who had had 137 calves. I knew immediately we had a great story to tell. With a four-person crew, a six-day shoot and overnight stays in Albury, we shot many interviews and plenty of B-roll footage to help tell it.

Lenovo Activity Based Workplaces

Lenovo wanted to showcase a few companies who were using their products and had adopted (or were about to implement) the Activity Based Workplace model. This was a two-day shoot around various offices in Sydney where we would speak to decision-makers and employees to get testimonial videos and B-roll footage to accompany their insights about ABW and Lenovo. The companies involved were Canon Australia, Microsoft, GE, Woods Bagot and Lenovo – all the big names.