Careers in Agriculture Documentary

Our task was to create an Agriculture Careers video aimed at high school students to get them to consider the sector as a possible career pathway. Rather than focusing completely on traditional agricultural occupations, we were tasked with exploring non-traditional and upcoming careers that school leavers might not have considered "agricultural". To get the most from our esteemed subjects, we suggested using a journalist to conduct the video interviews. This allowed for a much better stream of authentic answers and information we might otherwise have missed learning.
Careers in Agriculture

Career Opportunities

Agriculture offers a range of career options. This video explores many of these opportunities and describes how vital agriculture is for every person on the planet. We wanted to focus on traditional and non-traditional careers that technology has created in the past decade or two. We shot this video on various cameras using a range of equipment over the course of a few years. Once we had all the interviews shot we had to distil the idea into a script format and create a story. The story had three important parts, the narrative voice-over script, the interviews with key agricultural industry figures and the animations that helped round out the big picture of our project. Once the first rough draft of the edit was ready many hours searching through past projects for relevant footage was necessary. We were able to reuse a lot of footage from past agricultural projects we had completed for the NSW Department of Education in order to reduce further shoot days and limit the purchase of stock footage.

"I have worked with Ashleigh since 2012 to produce 13 different series of educational videos comprising 132 individual videos suitable for secondary school students. One of the series received over 275,000 hits between 2013 and 2019. This is an extraordinary number and reflects the quality of these videos, resulting in their use by industry as well as school teachers. I really enjoy working with Ashleigh because he really engages with the content of the videos. He has an extremely professional approach to his work and openly discusses his ideas in a friendly and positive way. He provides creative guidance without being too overbearing or dogmatic. He is very thorough and always pays attention to detail throughout the production process.”
Sally Bannerman
Animal Welfare Co-Ordinator
NSW Department of Education