How-Tos & Explainers

We learn on the job, so we can pass the message onto your audience with step-by-step guides for end users, instructional videos for in-house processes or anything else that benefits from a “how to” guide.

Analogue vs Digital Explainer Coding Series

NSW Department of Education
We were asked to turn the live performance of this STEM Coding series into a video series "Crack The Code" that teachers and students could use as a resource to refer to if they got stuck or needed a refresher. Diagrams sketched up on the whiteboard during the live sessions would be used to help the coding gurus explain their ideas more simply. For the coding video series, we had to come up with explainer animations to help convey the ideas and concepts that would normally appear on the whiteboard.

How To Look After Chickens

Poultry CRC and NSW Department of Education
This project was a joint venture between Poultry CRC (Cooperative Research Centres) and NSW Department of Education. Audience Productions were asked to produce a series of short, informative videos to assist schools that are interested in “getting into chickens”. The aim was to shoot interviews with a variety of poultry experts, film a case study at Galston High School, and also examine both free-range and caged bird systems.

How To Install Underfloor Heating

Ardex and Hotwire Heating
Ardex and Hotwire Heating asked Audience Productions to shoot a video showing customers how both companies' products can be used in conjunction when installing underfloor heating in bathrooms. They wanted to offer their customers a step-by-step video to help with DIY projects, as well as highlighting their product benefits. Because we shot these videos live, consumers are able to have confidence that the products will work as advertised. These videos are often screened in hardware stores without audio, so we had to ensure there was room for titles to help with instructions and tips for the viewer, rather than an audible voice-over.

How To Pack Up Your Office For Moving

Movin' Office
Movin' Office required a video to help train their clients on how to properly prepare their workstations and offices when moving so nothing gets left behind. We created a shot list of all the steps in the process so we were able to shoot quickly and efficiently. To cut down on costs, we used the Movin' Office building for the shoot and one of their employees to carry out the action. This ensured plenty of client feedback and company branding to help convey this how-to video, as well as showcasing their specialised office moving equipment.