How To Install Underfloor Heating

Ardex and Hotwire Heating asked Audience Productions to shoot a video showing customers how both companies' products can be used in conjunction when installing underfloor heating in bathrooms. They wanted to offer their customers a step-by-step video to help with DIY projects, as well as highlighting their product benefits. Because we shot these videos live, consumers are able to have confidence that the products will work as advertised. These videos are often screened in hardware stores without audio, so we had to ensure there was room for titles to help with instructions and tips for the viewer, rather than an audible voice-over.
How To

The Rule Of Three

The challenge with this type of how-to video shoot is working with “live” products – primers that can dry out quickly or adhesives that can harden – so we only get one attempt to get it right. To avoid a reshoot, we used three cameras: one static aerial angle from a jib, one roving camera on a long lens and tripod, and one floor-level camera angle-mounted on a moving slider. Shooting this way ensures we capture all the action and the entire procedure, even if a wayward arm or head obstructs two out of the three cameras.

“For nearly ten years we have utilised the talents of Audience Productions to deliver high amounts of information often of a technical nature to a varied audience through various styles, corporate videos, animation, promotional videos for social media and technical how-to videos. The Audience Productions team have worked with our marketing team from concept through to customer delivery and ensured that understanding the products and key message was achieved, often beyond our expectations and imagination.”
Raewyn Hughes
Marketing Manager - Product & Customer
Ardex Australia Pty Ltd