Protective Cropping in Australia

The University of Western Sydney wanted a six-part series on protected cropping which involved shooting interviews with a number of experts and B-roll footage at the Richmond Glasshouse. Shot over three days, we were able to get five interviews, a variety of drone shots and the whole facility captured.
University of Western Sydney

Creme of the Cropping

This was shot over three days at the University of Western Sydney Glasshouse in Richmond, NSW. It was originally scheduled to only be a two-day shoot, but nearby Richmond airbase training runs meant we had to reschedule our drone shots. We used a variety of cameras and Steadicam systems in order to add some dynamism to the footage of very still eggplant and capsicum crops. This is only one case study video of a five-part series completed for the University of Western Sydney and NSW Department of Education. The animation and voice-over script were the most challenging parts of this project, as we were trying to simplify the science behind nutrient solutions for protected cropping so that anybody watching could easily understand the chemical processes that occur.