We shot this over a very full day at the ARDEX Warehouse. Using 2 DSLR cameras and a pocket jib, we were able to get height and movement to capture the live tiling job. Dealing with live products such as tile adhesives which can dry out and become unusable, we had to make sure we didn’t miss a beat. The SALS – Simple Accurate Levelling System ensure a perfect tile installation every time, eliminating lippage and surface scratching. There was no smoke and mirrors with our shoot – there was no lippage nor tile surface scratches – which made shooting the installation much easier.
Director and Producer: Ashleigh Hanley. Cinematographer: Richard Michalak. Co-Producer: Raewyn Hughes. Editor: Ashleigh Hanley. Animation: Hank Mango. VoiceOver: Dav Byrne. Audio and Music: Audio Place