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Awards Nights

No matter how big or small, our video production company in Sydney will strive to make your awards night as special and slick as the Oscars or the Logies. As a simple keepsake or memoir of the year’s corporate accomplishments, our documentation of your special evening will be useful not only to contrast past successes with your current situation, but can also be used as part of a company profile piece or even to motivate employees who need a shot of enthusiasm.


Seminars are an excellent way to exchange ideas and work through business strategies. Unfortunately, not everyone can make every event, thanks to prior commitments, time constraints and simple geographical distance. Our full coverage ensures that none of your employees need to miss that important presentation – plus we add value to your website by combining footage of the actual seminar with relevant screen material. Capture the unique atmosphere of a talented guest speaker for current employees who were too busy to make the day…or even future hires!

Convention Coverage

Conventions take up a great deal of time and organisation, so you will want to get the greatest return for your investment. Some potential customers might steer clear of parking and entry costs, yet still wish to check out what you have to offer them. Audience Productions gives you the best of both worlds, delivering the thrill of the day in video format. Add our coverage to your website to catalogue different looks, shows and services over time…as well as live interaction at your stand, documenting the way people interact with your products for internal research! Our videos work perfectly in conjunction with other visual elements to create engaging marketing material.


As a personal keepsake or great present for extended family who couldn’t make it, our coverage of your concert or recital comes in a nicely packaged DVD format. Every note and every performer is covered with top-notch sound and visuals. Perfect as a permanent record of a special time…or to give to news channels in the future when your little performer hits the big time! It doesn’t hurt that our video production company in Sydney has done it professionally… does it? Contact us today.

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