This video was produced for Movin’ Office to be sent out to office workers when they are moving premises with Movin’ Office. The video aims to assist companies in organising how their employees properly prepare and pack up their workstation so nothing gets left behind during the move. The How To video offers tips on the most efficient way to prepare yourself when moving office and their specially designed office removals equipment.
We shot on 2 Canon DLSR cameras, in about 2 hours at the Movin’ Office depot in Botany. Cinematographer: Richard Michalak. Camera Operator: Ashleigh Hanley. Director: Ashleigh Hanley. Editor: Ashleigh Hanley. Sound design: AudioPlace. VO Artist. Dav Byrne. Our star of the video was owner of Movin’ Office, Aaron Hansford.¬†Script written by Ashleigh Hanley