As a case study for implementing Lenovo products, St Mary’s College was a clear choice as both students and teachers use Lenovo products, laptops and ThinkPad Yogas to enhance their education and learning experience.

We flew to Adelaide and shot the case study over 2 days at St Mary’s College which is smack bang in the middle of Adelaide city. We shot about 8 interviews using a couple of Canon 5D Mk3 with tripod, using a slider and MōVI M5, we were able to cover a lot of b roll footage to help tell the story the teachers and students told us during their interviews.

This was the first time we used a MōVI M5. The MōVI M5 is a small and lightweight handheld 3-axis digital stabilization camera gimbal designed for the type of cameras we shoot on. It allows a lot more fluid, floating shots to give the project a bit more production value.

St Mary’s College were really happy with the final result and so were the client, Lenovo. We at Audience Productions are also thrilled with the way it all turned out. Wish we had ThinkPads when we were at school!!