This was a 2 day shoot around various offices in Sydney where Lenovo clients had adopted the Activity Based Workplace model or were about to implement it. The companies involved were, Canon Australia, Microsoft, GE, Woods Bagot and Lenovo.

We conducted interviews with a member of each company and then picked up overlay footage from their ABW offices. The interview footage was about 45 minutes long so we had to be quite ruthless in editing this piece down to 4 minutes. It was difficult as our interviewees spoke so well and were very informative.

This is the 4 minute version. Believe it or not, we actually cut a 90 second version, but we think this one showcases the ABW environment more effectively.

Director: Ashleigh Hanley. Cinematographer: Richard Michalak. Sound Recordist: Sam Freeman. Editor: Ashleigh Hanley. Sound mix: Antony Darvill – Audio Place.