We shot this at the Camden Robotic Dairy farm in conjunction with the NSW Department of Education and NSW Department of Primary Industries, through the Belgenny Farm Trust. We had 2 days to shoot, which meant walking through the whole process with Kendra Kerrisk on the first day and working out how to tell the story most clearly. We then conducted our interview with Kendra in the very smelly feed area for the cattle, the one with all the hay in the background. The flies and the nearby flight school made things interesting for the talent and the sound recordist, but we got there in the end.
We were able to do another day to get some pick up shots using a slider and a Letus Helix Jr which really upped the production value and allowed us to get closer to the robotics of the dairy.
This is a very complex system but I think we were able to make it clear and easy to understand with our shot choices and edit considerations.