The creative arm of Audience Productions, “Wendy, Honey”, was in need of a funding campaign for a short film called Second Hand. Ben O’Donnell and Ashleigh Hanley spit-balled ideas for the animation script before meeting up with Mike Hayes and Tim Street, to add their magic to the project. After this process, producer, Tanya Andrews, went over the animation script and added her producer touch. Finally we had a few storyboard revisions and ideas for SFX before committing idea to paper and film, as it were. With over 450 hits in a few weeks – our Pozible campaign for Second Hand was successful and allowed us to get the film made.
Writers: Ashleigh Hanley, Benjamin O’Donnell and Tanya Andrews. Illustrator: Mike Hayes. Editor: Tim Street. Audio Post: James Stewart. VO: Benjamin O’Donnell.