Huge cattle breeding documentary finished – finally

Raising The Steaks – The Science of Cattle Breeding was the brainchild of Sally Bannerman from NSW Department of Education. While having dinner after our Wheat Breeding location scout, Sally asked me how many calves I thought a cow could have in a lifetime. I think I said 4. When Sally informed me of a cow they called W449 who has had 137 calves, I knew immediately we had a great story to tell.
We raced to organise a shoot in Albury for the Rennylea Autumn Bull Sale to follow one of W449’s sons J1081. We then were able to interview the wonderful owners of Rennylea, Bryan, Lucinda and Ruth Corrigan, and they allowed us to film all over their property. We met a few of W449’s offspring as well as the Super Cow herself.
Almost a year later we returned to Rennylea to shoot part of their Embyro Transfer program and do a follow up interview with Ruth Corrigan. Once all the interviews were shaped into a story, the script was written by Shane Cubis of Kneejerk Bohemia, the animations were sketched out by Dave our animation guru. Dave’s animations were the glue to help tell the story we couldn’t capture on camera. Our fantastic voiceover artist, Rebecca De Unamuno, from EM Voices, provided the cherry on top for this educational documentary – I’m still trying to float the word edu-mentary.
This was a very rewarding project and one that I think will be a great resource for the education department, students and teachers. I know all the crew learned a great deal from this project.
Full video can be viewed here

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