Don’t Give Me No Lip

This Monday and Tuesday saw the AP crew on the tiles – not drinking or dancing, but helping Ardex demonstrate the cool factor of their new product.

Tiles can be a massive pain to install. You have the tendency for sand to scratch the polish, and unless you’re extra careful, you’ll wind up with lipping, which is when one laid tile raises up so it isn’t flush. It looks bad and feels worse, and we demonstrated the effect by sliding a 10c coin across the tiles, where it bounced back.

Simple Accurate Levelling System (SALS)

Simple Accurate Levelling System (SALS)

Anyway, Ardex’s new product does away with the problem. Using plastic washers and a revolutionary formula, the Simple Accurate Levelling System (SALS) pushes every tile into the adhesive at the same time. It’s amazing to watch…and challenging to film.
Despite a rehearsal last week, having two cameras going at all times, working non-stop and being proactive on what else needed to be done while, say, the floor was being put down between shots, we underestimated how long the job would take. In some ways, that’s the hardest part of the process – you might think something will take half a day, but in this case we were dealing with live products, which dry out and require fresh batches to be made up. In the end it took a day and a half, but the results will be worth us taking our time to do things right.

What we’re aiming for is a YouTube-style tutorial that demonstrates the benefits of the product. We’re pitching it above other, amateur DIY videos but below a commercial advertisement. It has to be useful as a guide for people using the product, of course, while also making sure the logo is visible, the shots are tight and – most importantly – we’re explaining why the SALS is superior to competitors.

Audience Productions has worked with Ardex since late 2010, so we know what they’re after. Our knowledge of their products and corporate image helps make these videos look great, and this time we added two pieces of equipment to ensure they were even better.



The first was a pocket jib, which adds a fluid, dynamic and “premium” look to the videos. The second was Ashleigh’s hands – because he was the only guy on set who wasn’t covered in adhesive. When you watch the finished product, you’ll see why he earned the nickname “Ladyhands”…and why he added a Hand Model Surcharge to the bill.

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  1. It was a great time filming and working with the Audience Production team that understand us and always add that extra something to the day. This time the 10cent demo!
    Thanks for being such a great team to work with. Looking forward to the editing!


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