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Lights, Camera, Auction!

Another new experience for us this week, covering all the action at an auction for our friends at David Kay First National in Belmore.

For four or five years they’ve been meaning to get some footage of how they do things, as part of a larger video package they’re putting together for potential sellers. Crack real estate agent Phil “Buddy Kane” Madirazza had a feeling this was going to be a big one, so he got on the phone and asked us to be there first thing that morning.

19 Cleary Auction 019

The Real Estate King, Phil, wasn’t wrong – a crowd of roughly 70 people gathered to see the property, a 3-bedroom Californian Bungalow in the inner west of Sydney, go under the hammer.

We turned up beforehand to get some shots of the house then, as people gathered to bid or stickybeak, aimed our two cameras at the auctioneer and the potential buyers. The auctioneer was the easier of the targets – he didn’t move around too much so a tripod was pretty much all we needed. The bidders were a different matter, because they were so spread out. Once the auction was underway, our cameraman had to think on his feet, grabbing as much footage as he could with the hand-held.

There were 14 registered bidders in the end and, much to the delight of the owner, the property went for $170,000 over the reserve – a new record for the inner west.

19 Cleary Auction 008

We spoke to her at the end and, unsurprisingly, she was very happy with the way things went, saying, “Great result, we didn’t expect anything like that amount.”

Our request for a loan went politely ignored.

Money for Something

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so it’s lucky for us our idea of play is work-related. For a while now, we’ve been batting around a short film idea with one of our mates, and now the script is finalised! Next steps involve getting the thing made, so we have been meeting with various creative folk to fill roles on the production.

We don’t want to give too much away, but our new DOP told us how he planned to shoot one of the pivotal scenes, and it gave us literal chills. So cool!

Because the film won’t be under the AP banner, we have been brainstorming ideas back’n’forth for a new production company name – a more difficult part of the process than you might think. As massive fans of The Shining, we want to reference Kubrick’s movie, and there has been a lot of heated discussion on the role of punctuation in company names.

Trust us, it’s been intense.

Wide CrowdBut the most interesting part of our week was sitting in on a talk at the Pozible pop-up shop on Oxford St. To get a ticket, you had to pledge – as though it was an actual crowdfunding campaign. It was a workshop where Rick Chen talked about all the different ways to get a project up and running, the success rate for different types (music and film come out on top with a roughly 60% success rate) and so on.

Nothing concrete from us yet, but it certainly gets the mind ticking…

Finally, we are adding some amazing animation to the AP skill set. We met with Dave Cochrane, who will bring an extra layer of slickness to our titles and general production values…and help us bring our idea for insane, time-travelling punk monkeys to life.

That’ll definitely get funded on Pozible.

Pozible Pop Up Shop

Pozible Pop Up Shop




How To Survive A Book Launch

This week saw us disrobed and terrified at the book launch of Naked And Afraid star Ky Furneaux, who has released Girl’s Own Survival Guide through Penguin. As the title suggests, it’s a book aimed at women, about training themselves to deal with unexpected situations – not just in the wilderness, but also in the urban environment and life in general.

If you haven’t seen Naked And Afraid, it’s a Discovery Channel show where two strangers, a man and a woman, are dropped into a dangerous environment with no food, water or clothes. Ky’s episode was set in the Louisiana swamplands, which are full of alligators and cottonmouth snakes. The producer was bitten by one of these snakes while scouting locations, and ended up with necrosis rotting away his leg.

We met Ky while on our travels in a safer part of America last year (LA), where she and her partner Neil put us up, showed us around Hollywood and drove us to and from the airport. After all that generosity, we were first in line outside the bookshop for the launch, laden down with cameras and lapel mikes.

Joining us was Audience Productions co-founder Ben, so it was a bit like having the old team back together as we worked two cameras and filmed heaps of coverage.

Audience Productions at Work

Ashleigh Hanley on 5DMK2

The launch kicked off with complimentary wine, followed by Ky’s speech about the book before she moved to the signing table. Taking a fly-on-the-wall approach, we captured elements from every stage of the night, which included an anecdote about the first person to get a book signed…on behalf of fellow survival legend Bear Grylls!

Afterwards, we sat Ky down for an interview, asking more about the actual book than had happened in the mainstream media – who seemed more interested in finding out about her Hollywood stuntwoman career, and who was good to work with etc.

Look out for the finished product here on the AP site!

Naked and Afraid

Girl’s Own Survival Guide – Penguin

Book Signing Line

Book Signing Line

Girl's Own Survival Guide

Girl’s Own Survival Guide End of Aisle Display