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Lights, Camera, Auction!

Another new experience for us this week, covering all the action at an auction for our friends at David Kay First National in Belmore.

For four or five years they’ve been meaning to get some footage of how they do things, as part of a larger video package they’re putting together for potential sellers. Crack real estate agent Phil “Buddy Kane” Madirazza had a feeling this was going to be a big one, so he got on the phone and asked us to be there first thing that morning.

19 Cleary Auction 019

The Real Estate King, Phil, wasn’t wrong – a crowd of roughly 70 people gathered to see the property, a 3-bedroom Californian Bungalow in the inner west of Sydney, go under the hammer.

We turned up beforehand to get some shots of the house then, as people gathered to bid or stickybeak, aimed our two cameras at the auctioneer and the potential buyers. The auctioneer was the easier of the targets – he didn’t move around too much so a tripod was pretty much all we needed. The bidders were a different matter, because they were so spread out. Once the auction was underway, our cameraman had to think on his feet, grabbing as much footage as he could with the hand-held.

There were 14 registered bidders in the end and, much to the delight of the owner, the property went for $170,000 over the reserve – a new record for the inner west.

19 Cleary Auction 008

We spoke to her at the end and, unsurprisingly, she was very happy with the way things went, saying, “Great result, we didn’t expect anything like that amount.”

Our request for a loan went politely ignored.