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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so it’s lucky for us our idea of play is work-related. For a while now, we’ve been batting around a short film idea with one of our mates, and now the script is finalised! Next steps involve getting the thing made, so we have been meeting with various creative folk to fill roles on the production.

We don’t want to give too much away, but our new DOP told us how he planned to shoot one of the pivotal scenes, and it gave us literal chills. So cool!

Because the film won’t be under the AP banner, we have been brainstorming ideas back’n’forth for a new production company name – a more difficult part of the process than you might think. As massive fans of The Shining, we want to reference Kubrick’s movie, and there has been a lot of heated discussion on the role of punctuation in company names.

Trust us, it’s been intense.

Wide CrowdBut the most interesting part of our week was sitting in on a talk at the Pozible pop-up shop on Oxford St. To get a ticket, you had to pledge – as though it was an actual crowdfunding campaign. It was a workshop where Rick Chen talked about all the different ways to get a project up and running, the success rate for different types (music and film come out on top with a roughly 60% success rate) and so on.

Nothing concrete from us yet, but it certainly gets the mind ticking…

Finally, we are adding some amazing animation to the AP skill set. We met with Dave Cochrane, who will bring an extra layer of slickness to our titles and general production values…and help us bring our idea for insane, time-travelling punk monkeys to life.

That’ll definitely get funded on Pozible.

Pozible Pop Up Shop

Pozible Pop Up Shop




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