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Audience Productions professional corporate video production in Sydney

corporate-video-productionCorporate Video Production is one of many Audience Productions fortes, with years of experience, based in Sydney, working with both large multinational companies and creating internal corporate communications.

Firstly did you know that 90% of all current internet traffic is in the form of video? That’s right 90%!! And it’s no surprise why as video is more engaging, entertaining and informative than text or images. More video is uploaded to YouTube in a 60 day period than the three major US television networks created in 60 years, absolutely unbelievable!

So, how can Audience Productions use the popularity of web video to assist your business?

These days web traffic is very important, but once you get users to your site one of the biggest issues facing website owners is how to keep them there, and ultimately generate a sales lead from that process. Web video can do just this as well as stop what’s known as a high ‘bounce rate’. This is a tracked piece of data collected by Google, when users click on your webpage, they may only land on the page then click the back button a moment later, and never return, or land on the page and leave the site altogether. Web video helps lower a bounce rate and keep users engaged on your site by providing easily digestible, entertaining content.

Audience Productions specialises in creating corporate videos that keep users engaged while fulfilling their task as an information piece.

We support your online presence with a wide range of formats:

  • engaging corporate documentaries that tell a story
  • punchy product videos to support your brand,
  • engaging training and tutorial movies to explain your services,
  • affordable animations that tease out your key message,
  • testimonials to show your happy customers,
  • fresh and affordable TV commercials and
  • FAQ and pitch videos to save your business time and money.

Use a corporate video production company in Sydney you can trust, Audience Productions.

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