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Audience Productions is an online video content company in Sydney

Corporate Communications

Providing back-up to your sales team, our corporate video production company in Sydney  will create a video that showcases the various benefits and applications of your product or service. Working in close conjunction with your business, we will create a package that helps consumers make a more informed decision and creates greater awareness of your company and its assets. Tell us the unique selling points and we will translate them to the screen in clear language and visuals, tailored to the specifications of your market.

Company Profile

Some companies live in the spotlight, but for the rest of us it can be difficult to show the world exactly what we do. A company profile shows both consumers and the market what kind of business you are, offering insight into the day-to-day workings of your environment. We will liaise with employees of all levels to ensure a package that tells the story of your company’s history, gives an inside look at your current workplace culture and tells potential clients exactly what differentiates your business from competitors. An often-mentioned side effect is luring fresh talent who want to work for your company!

Internal Communications

It isn’t always easy to gather your entire workforce into a room to deliver an update on business strategies or profit margins, which is why Audience Productions offers a full-service communication package. This can be as simple as the CEO talking straight down the barrel, or we can introduce digital enhancements such as graphs, imagery and relevant footage. The perfect product for speaking to colleagues spread around the globe or as a welcoming introduction to the culture of your business. Consider the benefits of using one clear communique to show your sales force exactly how you want them to do things in the marketplace, or showcasing one of your products to get your people fired up.

Business Broadcast

Press releases are useful for delivering company news to the media, but for a true one-to-many relationship with stakeholders in your market, a business broadcast is ideal. Consider it a private news channel in which to inform customers and competitors of the new relationships you are forging, new ventures you are pursuing and new procedures you are enacting to improve your standing in the market. Business broadcasts are also excellent for showcasing project sites, manufacturing plants and members of staff. Audience Productions comes to you, establishing the best methods of delivering news from you to the world – we tailor our packages to suit your business, your message and your needs.


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