Q?How much does a video cost ?

Video costs can vary greatly depending on what is involved with each specific production. For this reason, each job must be quoted individually to give your unique project an accurate estimate of costs.  Ww would be happy to prepare you a quote based on your requirements.

Q?Can you help with creative concepts?

Yes, we can certainly help with the creative concept for your project. We have a range of people at Audience Productions who have worked in diverse creative industries.


Q?Can you help with scripting, actors, voice overs, music etc ?

We can provide all of these services and more. We work with a fantastic group of award winning writers, actors, presenters and voice over artists who will ensure the quality of your production.

Q?Will my video be effective?

In today’s environment, video is becoming an essential part of any online marketing strategy. Studies consistently show that customers are more likely to purchase if they see a video on your website. As well as this, studies show that a person who views a video will stay on a website for an average of two minutes longer. There are so many advantages of having video as  a part of your business; wether it be to market your business, communicate to employees or to tell your story. Video has emerged as a cost effective tool to be used as part of your marketing mix.

Q?Why should I use Audience productions for my video needs?

Audience Productions will deliver a high quality video that will reflect the quality of your business. Our staff have over 30 years combined experience in the video industry, and will strive to address all your video needs.

Please contact us for further information about how we can help you.